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Plant Health Agri Ltd is a leading distributor of cost effective and customised  crop protection solutions, crop health and nutrition, adjuvants and foliage fertilisers.

About us

Plant Health Agri Ltd is the leader in crop protection solutions based in Zambia. We have a long history of market research expertise, specialising in crop protection and crop nutrition. We work with commercial and small scale farmers who seek modern, environmentally friendly, cost effective and customised crop protection programs. 

We supply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, adjuvants, inoculants, foliar fertilisers ......

Latest News 

Plant Health Agri Ltd Introduces Corteva Fungicide; Acanto Plus 

Winter 2020

Acanto Plus is a systemic, wide-acting, preventative, curative, and eradicating product with shock action on pathogens. This fungicide provides good preventive protection against diseases for new growth and redistribution in the vapor phase. Protects the part of the leaf that has not been sprayed by building a uniform protection zone around the treated plant. Ensures a uniform distribution to the leaf surface (sucking effect) and reactivation of the product through dew or rain.


May 2019

Plant Health agri ltd has introduced a new technology of adjuvants through its cooperating partners Interagro,UK’s leading adjuvant supplier and with a strong presence in Europe. 

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