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We continually seeking cost-effective crop protection solution to help the farmer to produce high quality and high yielding crops. We bring a wide range of cost-effective pesticides to Zambian farmers. Since our establishment, we have successfully provided products for all major crops which includes wheat, soy beans, maize, sugar cane, potatoes,  and other speciality crops such as , fruit and vegetables.
Our product range has expanded and we are positioning ourselves as a leading distributor of crop protection solution by acquiring distribution rights from major global company which includes Corteva, Tradecorp, Interagro UK and Bancella among others.
Our Company

 Wholly locally owned with strong African roots, we pride ourselves to be strategically located in Zambia, in the centre of Southern, Eastern and Central Africa. 


With a notable national footprint and local presence where farmers need us, Plant Health Agri Ltd has extensive industry knowledge and expertise across crops and regions.

With outlets in strategic farming block we are a call away from the farmer.

Warehouse Shelves

Whenever pesticides are transported, stored, mixed, loaded or applied, several things need to be kept in mind. Keep unauthorized people away, especially children, when handling pesticides. Be safety conscious, and always read pesticide labels.

Know the signs and symptoms of pesticide poisoning for all materials you use. Make sure your employees and family members know how to recognize signs of overexposure. Post the telephone number of the Poison Control Center, your physician and the nearest hospital.

Environment & Sustainability

Organisations across the board are becoming increasingly focused on achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance. 

Plant Health Agri Ltd adheres to environmental responsibility of restoring farmland back to the original healthy condition, to eliminate pollution, renovate environment, back to nature and ensure human's health.

We source products which contribute to agricultural safety, food safety, and a healthy lifestyle.

It is our goal is to become "Leader in Harmless Agricultural Inputs.